Your questions answered

How many can the camper sleep?

The camper has sleeping arrangements for two people. However, other tenting equipment can be rented so more people can join in on your adventure.

What cooking facilities does the camper have?

The camper has a 2 burner gas stove, a fridge, a sink with running water, electrical outlets for other cooking equipment, crockery for two people and basic cooking essentials provided by us.

What security does the camper have?

All compartments are easily locked, and we provide a wheel clamp for your peace of mind. Our team will give you a safety and security run down before you take the camper to ensure you feel confident.

Can the camper be taken off-road?

The insurance provided for the camper does not cover off-roading. Please see the rental terms and conditions or get in contact with one of our staff if you would like to know more.

Is linen and sleeping equipment provided?

The camper will have a clean bottom sheet, a thin blanket and 2 pillows provided. You just need a sleeping bag or duvet.

Is the camper self-contained?

Unfortunately no. The camper does not have a lavatory. However, we can recommend destinations where lavatories are easily accessible.

Does the camper have roof racks?

Yes. We highly recommend making use of these. We can give you a hand using tie downs too.

What insurance do I need?

We have you covered. Insurance is included in your booking price please enquire about excess fees.

What other equipment will I need?

What we recommend is:
Sleeping bags or a duvet, sufficient food & water, warm clothes, adventure equipment, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Do I need a tow bar on my car?

Yep. That is the key requirement to take the camper.

Can you teach me how to back this thing?

Of course. We have taught some inexperienced backers to reverse the camper with a few simple pieces of advice. However, if you do find yourself in a tricky spot an option is to remove the camper from the tow bar and manually push it.

How much does it weigh?

Less than 500kg on its own. This obviously helps with fuel economy, and manoeuvring.